Melee dps - req

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Melee dps - req Empty Melee dps - req

Post  Aileyna on Fri Feb 22, 2008 10:46 am


HP: around 8k+
Attack power: around 1.4k-1.5k unbuffed
hit rating: 200--aran and after him (214 prefered)
Crit chance: around 23%+

First if you can, socket your items with 8 hit rating, when you reach 200 you can start to put attack power or agility(rogue) or strength(warrior) gems in your items..
Remember to enchant gloves and bracers with attack power, head enchant can be bought in Cenarion Refuge..
Use Elixir of Major Agility to get more crit and attack power(rogue) and get Ravager dogs for more attack power..
If you got rep with Aldor or scryers.. get the shoulder enchant aswell..
Get the dps leg enchant for your legs.. it would help alot if you just get the enchants for your items..

Rogues should get poisons for every raid, and warriors should get sharpening stones if they dps..


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