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Warlock/rogue Recruitment Empty Warlock/rogue Recruitment

Post  Gnisen/T on Tue Mar 11, 2008 8:40 pm

Gear: 7 Epics and rest blue atm

Name: Gnisen

Specc: Affliction/Demo most Affliction

Race: Gnome Razz

Attunements: (If you wanna know) Caverns of Time, Karazhan,
Auchenai, Coilfang and Hellfire... But i think i can buy the Heroic Key for Tempest Keep too..

About myself Razz

Age: 12 (Razz)

Lives: Sweden

Earlier Raiding Experience: I Haven't been raiding so much earlier... but i have done UBRS and LBRS with my rogue (pre-tbc) before.... But i have Done Kara a couple of times but not the whole of it Sad

Now my rogue
Name: Tyranaar

Race: Night Elf

Gear: Not so good like 2 epics 1 green and rest blue..

Attunements: Coilfang and Hellfire

Specc: Subtlety


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Warlock/rogue Recruitment Empty Re: Warlock/rogue Recruitment

Post  Nargoth on Tue Mar 11, 2008 8:51 pm

wuld be nice if u culd tell us more about urself..give us a chanse to get to know u bether=)


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