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Post  stargate on Sun Mar 23, 2008 1:15 pm

Personal information:

First name: (ex. stephen)
Last name: (ex. LEGG)
Age: (ex. 16 years old)
From: (ex. england)

Ingame information:

Character name: stargate
Race: dwarf
Spec: retribution
Primary professions: mining
Secundary professions:

Armory link:

Raid experience:

Pre-TBC raid experience:

Ahn-Qiraj 20:
Zul'gurub: half Cleared.
Onyxia: Cleared.
Molten core: first boss
Blackwing Lair.
Ahn-Qiraj 40:

The emerald dragons:

TBC raid experience:

Karazhan: all except prince and netherspite
Zul'aman timerun:
Gruul's lair:
Serpentshrine Caverns:
Tempest Keep:
Mount Hyjal: Not been there, yet
Black Temple: Not been there, yet.

Doomwalker: Not done him, yet.

Why do you want to join Outworld?

Answer: I want to raid now i have more time to play.

At what times you can raid?

Answer: every night from 18.00-00.00 (but not every night and friday is unlikely)

Anything else to tell us?
Answer: From the guild i know crathos


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Post  Aileyna on Sun Mar 23, 2008 4:20 pm

abit shitty apply imo.. but my opinion means shit.. xD (since im not in the guild and not on the server anymore.. ^^)

hmm. and where is the armory link Shocked


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